Found these digging through boxes the other day. The remains of what used to be a (as far as I recall) near complete collection. Still kinda impressive that I’ve been holding on to these for about 25 years :)

Spaceships I did for something at some point.

You know what else is kinda hard? Sculpting by hand. Really want to get into resin casting so I guess I gotta learn this crap :)

Character design. Meet ‘Floyd’!

Man, I’m such a compulsive sharer. New comics coming along, but I’m trying to put together a zine of sorts so all you get is this shitty instagram pic :)

I think I’m gonna start making comics again.


So.. yeah

I should really just go ahead and finish one of all these project shouldn’t I.. Follow Sausage Factory for occasional updates on games I’m working on.

3d is hard, lol. Low poly, low res shakotan :)

I’ve been wanting to get into 3d stuff since forever. Here’s a humble start. Dumb crates.

"SHAKOTAN". Racing inspired logo using a new typeface I’m developing.