I have a new tune out. Less ghetto more fantasy this time around. Still bass-heavy, still club music though :)

Free download courtesy of DATA CLUB.

Self Interest Supremacy Doctrine, 2014

Vaporwave IV, 2014

Vaporwave III, 2014

Vaporwave II, 2014

Vaporwave, 2014

Here’s a thing I just made for the sake of making a thing. Style-emulation. KUURUKIZZU!

Wow, so you guys really like cars huh? Guess I’ll have to do more :) Mazda RX-7 Savanna as requested.

"Can you do an fc3 animation? I really like seeing the cars on my dash"


Sure can. Gimme a minute and it’ll be up :) Glad you like ‘em!

"Im in love with all your shit man! keep it up!!"


Yo dude! Really sorry about not getting back on this one till now. Tumblr hasn’t been letting me know I had asks.

But thanks, man! I try :)